The World of Patience Gromes

This work of narrative nonfiction traces Patience Gromes, an African-American woman whose grandfather escaped from slavery, and others of her generation in the century from the Civil War to the War on Poverty.


Meet The Author

In 1970, Patience Gromes was an 83-year-old widow who lived on State Street in Fulton, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Richmond, Virginia. This non-fiction narrative traces the life of Patience Gromes, her family, her neighbors from the War between the States to the War on Poverty. Meet Patience’s grandfather who escaped slavery 14 years before the Civil War. Experience the hard years of Reconstruction, the cruelty of De Jure Segregation, the triumph of Civil Rights. It probes the complexities and ironies of neighborhood life under urban renewal and the War on Poverty, and is still relevant today.

This is Scott C. Davis’ first book.

Praise for The World of Patience Gromes

“. . . contributes as much to our understanding of the modern black inner-city as any book written in this decade.”
—Wall Street Journal, November 14, 1988

“A fascinating, close-up look at the lives of poor black people in a time of change and tension.”
—John E. Jacob, as President, National Urban League

“Scott C. Davis is a gifted writer.”
—Horton Foote

Winner of the Governor’s Writers Award (Washington State’s highest literary award)
Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

Scott C. Davis is a writer, photographer, and businessman based in Seattle, Washington. His book, Lost Arrow and Other True Stories, won the KC Arts Award. His book, The World of Patience Gromes, won the Governor’s Writers Award. He founded Cune Press along with the support of friend and author Steven Schlesser in 1994. He is also the author of Lost Arrow, The Road from Damascus, An Ear to the Ground (ed), An Intimate Dinner Party (ed), Tips for Writers, Light in the Palace. His writing has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor.


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