The Other Side of the Wall

In The Other Side of the Wall the author recounts his experiences on the ground in Palestine as a member of a prominent organization of peace activists called the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

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Meet The Author

"When one observes a strong man beating a helpless child or an overwhelming military force crushing a defenseless civilian population, balance is not a virtue in a point of view."

The Other Side of the Wall is an account of the author’s experiences in Palestine, where he worked on the front lines of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the International Solidarity Movement, a prominent organization of peace activists. He witnessed and recorded the suffering and injustices imposed on the Palestinians, such as violence meted out by both soldiers and settlers, long waits at checkpoints, travel restrictions, home demolitions, theft of natural resources, unfair economic practices, arbitrary detention and arrest, long prison sentences, and countless other forms of humiliation. The background during his stay in the West Bank, which often pushed its way into the foreground, was provided by two momentous events: the collective punishment visited upon the population of the West Bank by the Israeli army for the kidnapping of three teenaged Jewish settlers, and the subsequent military assault on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 Palestinians.




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