Muslims, Arabs & Arab Americans

This book is used by law enforcement, corporations, and non-profits for staff training. Students, teachers, travelers, employers, workers, and neighbors will benefit from this quick and clear introduction to the people and practices of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Publication date: March 19, 2024


Meet The Author

"I’ve said for years our greatest enemy in society is the lack of trust. We get to lack of trust through lack of communication and lack of understanding. If we flip all those elements into the positive, the formula is simple: Communication + Understanding = Trust"

Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans is based on Author Nawar Shora’s time-tested seminar program that has reached law enforcement, the intelligence community, church groups, academic institutions, and private corporations for the past two decades. His combinations of quick-witted humor and approachable simple methods to explain complex and often intimidating topics have made him a nationally recognized authority on Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans. The book with its new title is the third edition of what was The Arab American Handbook and has been updated with additional information, anecdotes, and examples.

This non-politicized book is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the people, culture, faiths, geography, and social and behavioral norms and mores of Muslim and Arab people. The book will help everyone from novices on the topic, to experienced academics who are curious to achieve greater understanding of these cultures. Shora’s formula has remained the same for decades: Communication + Understanding = Trust. If we can truly understand one another, if we know how to effectively communicate, then real and genuine trust will bloom organically. Once trust is achieved, anything is possible.

“By far the best short guide to Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim cultures . . . an invaluable resource.” —Jack Shaheen, Reel Bad Arabs

“Too often people learn from experiences that do not represent the larger truth. Nawar’s boo— and his life’s —focuses on the type of understanding, compassion, and insight that transforms people, interactions, and outcomes. A must-read for any leader representing, policing, or interacting with people of Arab descent… so, all of us.” —Kristina Tanasichuk, Executive Editor, Homeland Security Today; President, Women in Homeland Security

“Nawar Shora is a tireless civil servant, activist, and intellectual whose passion for building bridges of understanding between communities that might otherwise distrust or even fear one another has always been readily discernible. Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans is nuanced, informed, and often highly entertaining. An indispensable guide for those who want a better understanding of Arab-Americans, Arabs, and Muslims for professional or personal reasons, but don’t know where to begin.” —Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Valens Global and author of several books on national security, including Bin Laden’s Legacy

“As someone deeply involved in interfaith dialogue and the US/Israel relationship, I quickly became aware of how uniformed and ignorant I was of both the Muslim faith and the Arab-American experience. Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans became my invaluable guide to better understand my Muslim brothers and sisters and highlight the lack of understanding and nuance in my own world view. Thanks to this book, I have grown to become a strong advocate for Muslim Americans fighting Islamophobia and prejudice and now proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with Arab-Americans on many issues. A good book makes you smarter; a great book makes you a better person. I believe Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans has helped me become both and I am very grateful.” —Rabbi Victor Urecki Congregation B’nai Jacob, Charleston, West Virginia

“This is the funniest book I’ve ever read! Just kidding. It is, however, very informative and a book that can help bring people together. Give it a read. You’ll be entertained while learning about Arab-Americans. I mean, what’s not funny about that? Okay, fine, it’s not funny! But it’s a great book! Stop reading my quote and buy it!” —Maz Jobrani, Comedian, Writer, & Actor

“This book is a critical and bold guide that will deepen readers’ understandings of the Arab and Muslim communities in the United States. At times personal, at times probing, Nawar pulls no punches as he confronts the stereotypes and misinformation that drive ignorance and hate against these communities. And he offers insights and guidance to break these harmful cycles in service of working to create a more inclusive America.” —Brie Loskota, Executive Director, Center for the Public Understanding of Religion, University of Chicago




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