Music Has No Boundaries

The true story of building a bridge between cultures – Palestinian and Israeli – through music and talk radio. Author Raf Gangat tell his story of developing a radio station based on the model of a South African station with the same mission – to bring people together through music and conversation, discovering far more in common with each other than percieved differences.

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Meet The Author

"I quote NELSON MANDELA—‘If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy, and then he becomes your partner.’"

Told for the very first time – the real story of 93.6 RAM FM, a pioneering English radio station in Palestine/Israel – the building of, in a most difficult geo-political environment, eventual launch, and the impact it made with ‘talk’, by sharing narratives of the other and with ‘music’, by breaking boundaries and unfurling bridges of common ground, at a time when walls of separation were being constructed.

Story, which includes author’s return to radio to be the host of the ONLY political talk show that brought both sides to talk on a common platform in a neutral language (English) – a marriage of diplomacy and radio: charting his journey from being an Ambassador to a DJ/Talk show host and eventually a Radio Peace Envoy, is most unique.

The story of the huge audience the station built, the positive impact it made, the struggle to remain ‘on air’ and its eventual demise is told for the first time. Selected photographs included.




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