Learning First in Black and White

For those who know a little about design and those who know a lot about it. Learning First in Black and White is a great introduction or easy review. It takes you through The Design Code, a unique system for idea-generation that approaches art from a logical viewpoint.

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Meet The Author

Graphic designers combat the equivalent of “writer’s block” with this system for creating fresh ideas and great designs on deadline.

Learning First in Black and White introduces The Design Code ®, an idea-generating system developed by Northwest artist and educator, Fred Griffin. It is a remedy for the artist’s equivalent of writer’s block, those times when the well of ideas runs dry. This system makes it possible to find fresh ideas and execute great designs on deadline.

Through many years of teaching design principles, Griffin found that if students worked first in black and white their grasp of basic design principles was much clearer than if they were dealing with the confusion of color. Color, a study unto itself, introduces an element of distraction—hence the title, Learning First in Black and White.

In this book, each lesson is explained with geometric shapes, followed by illustrations of an apple visually repeating the concepts. At the end of the book is a section that gives tips on how to dig deeper for better ideas. It’s an answer to the question, “Where do ideas come from?”




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