Joss, the Ambassador’s Wife

Mystery, intrigue, and closure over a past romance confront investigative reporter Tom Craig, as he searches for answers on an assignment in the small African country of Malawi.

Release Date: October 10, 2023

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Meet The Author

When international correspondent Tom Craig travels to Malawi to report on a mysterious string of murders terrorizing the tiny country, he discovers another mystery that must be solved, this one very close to his heart. He decides to revisit Joss, a woman with whom he had a passionate affair some years back and who is married to the newly arrived American ambassador to Malawi. Although they last parted vowing never to meet again, he is secretly hoping to see her. But he discovers that the woman at the ambassador’s side is an imposter. He also learns he’s had a daughter by Joss who is in mortal danger. As he struggles to find out what happened to Joss and save his daughter, Tom is also solving the mystery of the string of murders with possible political links, reportedly being committed by a leopard-man. His view of life evolves as he confronts African myth very much alive in Malawi, threats to his own life, and deep desire for justice and family.




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