The Dusk Visitor: Stories from Syria


The collection of short stories harkens back to such classic authors like Franz Kafka, George Orwell, William Golding, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury and Anthony Burgess.

The Dusk Visitor is a warning from the Middle East: We are Next. The Dusk Visitor is one of the few works of literature by a Syrian on the subject of the Syrian Civil War, the Assad government, and the authoritarian style of other Arab dictators.

Visit the Old City of Aleppo

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This book brings alive Aleppo’s ancient city in a story set just before the troubles began in 2011. It tells of Tamim, a boy who visits Aleppo’s historic neighborhoods. Of greater interest to adults, the author also provides historical sketches of the city and color illustrations and photographs, both historical and contemporary.