Richard Hardigan

"When one observes a strong man beating a helpless child or an overwhelming military force crushing a defenseless civilian population, balance is not a virtue in a point of view."

Richard Hardigan is a professor at a well-known university in the United States. He has published numerous articles in some of the world s top scientific journals and has received several awards for his research. He has lectured at universities all over the world.
Between 2006 and 2015 the author spent a total of four years living and working in the Middle East. While teaching in Egypt he was caught up in the Tahrir Square uprising of January, 2011, an experience that shaped his views on the value and effectiveness of peaceful protest. He spent the summer of 2013 in Palestine working on his Arabic, and while traveling throughout the country he was shocked at the ubiquitous injustice he witnessed. The following summer he returned to Palestine and volunteered with the International Solidarity Movement for two months, where he acted in solidarity with the Palestinians in their resistance against the brutal Israeli occupation. It is this experience that he describes in The Other Side of the Wall. In 2015 he lived in and reported from the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila in Lebanon, site of the massacre of 1982.
The author has written extensively about his experiences in Palestine and Lebanon. His work can be found at

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