Rafique Gangat

"I quote NELSON MANDELA—‘If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy, and then he becomes your partner.’"

Rafique Gangat grew up in Weenen, a small farming town in South Africa. After university, he dabbled in the music industry and radio before becoming a diplomat and representing South Africa in - Beverly Hills (vice consul), Pretoria/Cape Town (spokesperson), Karachi (consul general), Abu Dhabi (ambassador), Ramallah (ambassador).

He now works as a communications and media consultant and lives in Jerusalem.

Author's books

Music Has No Boundaries


The true story of building a bridge between cultures – Palestinian and Israeli – through music and talk radio. Author Raf Gangat tell his story of developing a radio station based on the model of a South African station with the same mission – to bring people together through music and conversation, discovering far more in common with each other than percieved differences.