Paul Zarou

Paul Aziz Zarou is a Writer and Business Professional. An Arab-American born and raised in New York by Christian Palestinian immigrants, Paul moved to Los Angeles early in his business career. He raised his family in LA and now lives here with his wife. Paul is a successful business professional with a thirty-plus-year career in technology sales and management and writes in his spare time. His love of literature, history, and politics is what motivates him to tell stories. As a writer of novels and screenplays, Paul enjoys exploring both the social and political landscapes of the past and the timeless complexities of family dynamics.

Author's books

Arab Boy Delivered


As Michael maneuvers through his working-class neighborhood delivering groceries, he enters the homes and lives of his customers. He’s confronted by the school yard and street corner violence of local thugs. With the 1967 Arab Israeli War fresh in public memory, he passes for Greek or Italian and never summons the courage to explain, exactly, who he is or where his parents came from. Michael struggles to figure out who this dutiful son of an immigrant family is becoming in a rapidly emerging modern world, epitomized by the big, brash, obnoxious city on the other side of the East River.