Linda Sartor

"Fear is contagious and easily blown out of proportion by our imaginations. I see that especially when it is at a distance... We can learn to let fears be our teachers and when we accept, or even embrace, a fear and let ourselves learn what we have to learn from it, it has less control over us."

The 9-11 attacks: When the World Trade Center's twin towers collapsed, Linda Sartor was at home in Sonoma County where she lives in an intentional community. During the US bombing of Afghanistan that followed, Linda realized that in her previous life, protest marches and "teaching peace" in public schools were not enough. She felt called to make a statement. "The lives of men, women, and children across the globe," she told herself, "are just as valuable as the lives of US citizens."

Linda joined an International peace group in Israel/Palestine in the spring of 2002. She was in Baghdad in 2003, the month before the US bombing began. After returning home--as the bombs landed--she received moment-by-moment accounts of what it was like to live through the American shock-and-awe campaign from teammates who had stayed on in Iraq.

Later, Linda joined delegations to other countries to stand with people who faced violence from their governments, often abetted by the US and other international players. Afghanistan and Beyond is her account of these journeys.

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