Farid Younes

"Rather than saying the author is influenced by Nietzsche, can’t we say that the author enables Nietzsche’s aphorisms to expand, innovate, and enrich themselves?"

Farid Younes is an architect, urban planner, college professor and philosopher who lives in the northern Lebanese city of Byblos and who lived through both the Lebanese and the Syrian Civil Wars. He has published several academic books. Nietzsche Awakens! . . . is he first effort to popularize his love of word play, ideas, intellect, and the redeeming power of intelligent human interaction.

Author's books

Nietzsche Awakens!


Matching wits with Friedrich

Nietzsche Awakens! is a philosophical work, written entirely in aphorisms. It is an analytical way to trigger readers to think:

• to negate “common sense” notions • to re-question the raison d’être of principles and elements • to refuse “absolutes” • to criticize the epistemology and methodology of sciences • to wonder about the ontology of the human being and his/her teleology.