Alice Rothchild

"physician, author, activist, filmmaker"

With a long commitment to social justice, Alice Rothchild has written three books on Israel/Palestine, contributed to newspapers, magazines, webzines, anthologies and poetry journals, and directed a documentary film. After years as a physician, when she is not making good trouble, she loves hiking in the Pacific Northwest, playing with her grandchildren, tending to her boisterous garden, and stretching the boundaries of her cooking.

Author's books

Old Enough to Know


Being the new kid is always hard, but try starting the year with a name like Mohammed Omar Mohammed Abu Srour, with a homemade lunch of humus and za’atar. On top of that, on the very first day of school, a kid tells his older hijab-wearing sister to “go back where you came from.” Mohammed and his sister love their grandmother, but she thinks her stories about life in Palestine will help them with their problems. What does Grandmother’s ancient history have to do with classroom bullies? She  never learned to read and Mohammed can’t even find Palestine on a map. Feels like fourth grade’s going to last forever.

Coming in December 2023