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  • Jinwar
    Jinwar and Other Stories
    by Alex Poppe
    (Short fiction set in Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, and Palestine)

    ISBN 978-1-951082-05-5 Paperback $16.00
    136 pages, 1 black and white photo
    Pub Date: Tuesday March 8, 2022

    Alex Poppe is a fiction writer who has worked as a university lecturer in the Kurdish portion of Iraq for many years and has traveled widely in the Levant.

    Alex Poppe’s characters celebrate the fragile grandeur of living an independent life in the aftermath of violence. Deeply rooted in place, these stories are about identity, hope, and redemption as fierce and flawed women rebuild their lives in the wake of war. The young women sparking through these pages are surprising, funny, and devasting: the essence of womanhood.

    The title piece, “Jinwar,” is a funny, yet heartbreaking story of an American woman who survived rape in the military, was denied due process, and found herself selling lunches from a truck shaped like a hot dog. In the evenings, she turned on the news to see the Kavanaugh hearings on every channel.

    Her struggle to rebuild her life takes her across the globe to the Middle East, to Jinwar, an all-female village in Rojava, northeastern Syria. Here, survivors of war, patriarchy, and genocide un-make violence and search for ways to heal.
    Timely and prescient, Jinwar is a story for the #YesAllWoman world.
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  • The Passionate Spies
    The Passionate Spies: How Gertrude Bell, St John Philby, and Lawrence of Arabia Ignited the Arab Revolt
    by John Harte

    ISBN 978-1-951082-25-3 Paperback $18.00
    44 black and white photos and maps, 240 pages, index
    Publication Date: March 29, 2022

    Popular History, The Middle East, Idealism vs Real Politik

    The modern Middle East was shaped in conflict between local tribes and Western powers that had crushing, mechanized armies and entitled, obtuse leaders. Against this dense wall of plain stupidity masquerading as real-politik, three British spies threw the power of their idealism and their belief in the humanity of ordinary Arabs. They succeeded in extraordinary ways. And yet they paid a price: exhaustion, depression. Two took their own lives. The third raised a son who became a notorious double agent in the Cold War: Kim Philby.

    The Passionate Spies is a great read. And it is also a deft commentary on our times. In the US, Britain, and Europe democracy is now at loggerheads with a savage tribalism within . . . and the crowds of idealists who march in the streets find that enthusiasm soon skates away, leaving no trace when the cold wind blows.

    Gertrude Bell, Jack Philby, and TE Lawrence show us how to fight wealth and power on one hand and ignorance and violence on the other—how to inject ideals into real world institutions that will improve the lives of ordinary people. Lawrence and Bell accomplished a lot, yet could never do enough and simply could not outlast the national governments who served the interests of first world wealth.

    Jack Philby, on the other hand, was all too successful. Think: oil beneath the sands of Saudi Arabia. He enabled men in turbans to become a force in the modern world and to spread their stunning wealth among Arabs—rather than sending it to the West.
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  • Music Has No Boundaries
    Music Has No Boundaries
    The Saga of 93.6 RAM FM and the Birth of NISSA FM in Palestine and Israel
    by Rafique Gangat

    “RAM FM was one-part people-to-people talking across the lines and another part was flat out high voltage extreme octane rock and roll. Together they created a magic formula. ”
    ­­—Dr Brian Polkinghorn, Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution,
    Salisbury University (Fulbright Ambassador)

    ISBN 978-1-951082-17-8 Paperback $16.00
    128 pages 10 black and white photos
    Pub Date: April 26, 2022

    93.6 RAM FM is the first major effort to bridge the divide among Arabs and Jews using community radio.

    NISSA FM is the first radio station in the middle east to be run by and for women.

    “Radio Nissa Fm is the first and only women operated radio station in the Arab World. I had the pleasure of visiting. It is an incredible media platform that enlightens, inspires, and empowers.”
    —Rosanna Arquette,
    BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Desperately Seeking Susan)
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  • Kivu
    Kivu: Journeys in Eastern Congo, 1963 -1965
    by Frederic Hunter

    After Congo became independent in 1960, the deep jungle region in western Congo was thrown into chaos. In stark contrast, the eastern districts near Kivu were in peace. This idyllic land of lakes and small farms bordering Rwanda was a “little paradise” that supported a people known for their good humor and humanity.

    ISBN 978-1-951082-03-1 Paperback $16.00 160 pages, 8 black and white photos
    Publication Date: Tuesday May 17, 2022
    Frederic Hunter has worked as the Africa correspondent and the Home Forum editor for the Christian Science Monitor and as a State Department envoy to Africa. He is a prolific author: screenwriter (Murder She Wrote), novelist (The Girl Ran Away), playwright (The Hemingway Play), and memoirist (Equateur).

    “A fascinating blend of history, politics, and personal experience in the Congo. Fred Hunter’s Kivu recreates the Congo in the chaotic years following its independence from Belgium in 1960. A young USIS officer arriving three years later, Hunter was assigned to Kivu, a relative paradise amidst the disorder. He brings to life a colorful group of Congolese, Belgians, and Americans who survive—and savor—this lost time with hope, love, and sorrow.

    “Hunter’s vivid descriptions of Africa, its characters and political challenges, keep us reading with an awed and sometimes nostalgic sense of that era. A fine memoir that ranges from gossip to profound observation, Kivu enlightens while it entertains.”
    —Jinny Webber
    Author of The Secret Player and Dark Venus
    Not For Sale
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