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Welcome to Cune Press, a small, independent publisher located in Seattle, Washington. We take great pride in developing and publishing works from authors of varied backgrounds on a variety of subjects, with most focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. Browse through categories such a Syria Crossroads, Bridge Between Cultures, and Women Engage the World to find your next great read.



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Shahrazad’s Gift


Shahrazad’s Gift is a collection of linked short stories, set in an apartment building in contemporary Cairo, with a melange of flamboyant, unlikely characters, Egyptian and expatriate, who seem to have stepped out of A Thousand and One Nights.

“Gretchen McCullough’s latest book captures the magic and absurdity of the city and its people with a humour few local writers have managed to achieve” —Egypt Today

Release Date: February 6, 2024


Nietzsche Awakens!


Matching wits with Friedrich

Nietzsche Awakens! is a philosophical work, written entirely in aphorisms. It is an analytical way to trigger readers to think:

• to negate “common sense” notions • to re-question the raison d’être of principles and elements • to refuse “absolutes” • to criticize the epistemology and methodology of sciences • to wonder about the ontology of the human being and his/her teleology.

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